EduFin Summit 2018

EduFin Summit 2018
02-03 - October, 2018 Buenos Aires


Welcome to the Annual Event of The Center for Financial Education and Capability where global experts will gather to discuss about the importance of financial knowledge and capability in people's wellbeing. A two-day event to learn about the last developments and innovations on the field.


Sustainable financial

Financial health

Digital world and financial education in youth

Who should attend?

Public sector, governments and regulators

Academia, universities, research centers, think-tanks

Multilateral, private and social organizations


08:00 (540)

Day 1 EduFin Summit 2018

08:00 (420)

Day 2 EduFin Summit 2018

Contact person

More information about the event, contact:

Foto de perfil de  Diana Repiso García
Diana Repiso García

Responsible for Financial Education at BBVA