2020 EduFin Talks

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New challenges and opportunities in financial education and inclusion will be the main topic of the third edition of EduFin Talks. The BBVA’s Center for Financial Education and Capability presents the new edition of EduFin Talks, a space to reflect on and discuss the challenges of financial education. This year it will be held fully online.


Financial Education

COVID-19 impact

Financial Inclusion


(80 min)

2020 EduFin Talks

Session Documents

16:30 (2 min)


Keynote speakers: Lidia del Pozo

16:32 (8 min)

Opening Remarks

Keynote speakers: Javier Rodríguez Soler

16:40 (50 min)

A new era for financial education

Moderator: Leora Klapper

Keynote speakers: Andrea Liesenfeld Mayada El-Zoghbi Pablo Adrián Hardy

17:29 (12 min)


17:42 (3 min)


Keynote speakers: Antoni Ballabriga