2020 EduFin Talks

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The Center for Financial Education and Capability held the 2020 EduFin Talks. A virtual space to think and debate about the main challenges for financial education towards an inclusive recovery.


Financial Education

COVID-19 impact

Financial Inclusion


(80 min)

Complete Video

Videos of the session

16:15 (15min)

Platform Access

In order to mitigate online disturbances, the line will be open 15 minutes in advance

Session Documents

16:30 (2 min)


Keynote speakers: Lidia del Pozo

16:32 (8 min)

Opening Remarks

Keynote speakers: José Manuel González – Páramo

16:40 (50 min)

A new era for Financial Education

Moderator: Leora Klapper

Keynote speakers: Andrea Liesenfel Mayada El-Zoghbi Pablo Adrián Hardy

17:30 (12 min)

Questions & Answers

17:42 (3 min)

Closing Remarks

Keynote speakers: Antoni Ballabriga