Ana Victoria García

Founder, Victoria147

Ana Victoria served as regional director at Endeavor Mexico, later and due to her great interest in business development and economic impact, in 2012, she founded Victoria147 the first training, empowerment and acceleration platform focused on promoting women entrepreneurs, being the youngest entrepreneur to have created a business accelerator of this type, 10 years later, she has impacted more than fifteen thousand entrepreneurs in Mexico, Latin America and the Hispanic market with its education and training programs in person and online.

She is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and promoter of female talent. Ana Victoria has worked with transnational companies through consulting focused on equality and compliance with the SDG's of the UN 2030. She has been selected, two consecutive years, as one of the 100 most powerful women in the country according to Forbes Mexico. She has participated as a speaker, panelist and juror in different events such as Forbes Forum, PepsiCo International Forum, "WOBI on Entrepreneurship", Santander Award, American Express-Dell Award, Microsoft Award, Natura, WConference, Incubatour, "Acelera tu negocio" by Entrepreneur Magazine.

He was part of Expansión magazine's list of the thirty promises in his thirty years. Her mission to balance the business world in favor of gender equality has attracted the attention of several international organizations interested in amplifying her message. This has led her to achievements such as being the third Mexican woman to be selected by Fortune magazine in New York and the U.S. Embassy for her trajectory and social impact.
social impact. In addition, she participated as a guest speaker at the seventh edition of MBA Mexico at MIT and Harvard and was recognized as one of the leaders of the Australian Leadership Program,

She is the first female shark on the television program Shark Tank Mexico, appearing in the first season at the age of 32, creator of her podcast "Más cabrona que bonita" and writer of "ELLAS, la historia de emprender contada por mujeres". A book in which she narrates her experience as an entrepreneur and compiles the voice of 21 women who have faced different challenges in the business world. She is passionate about believing that she is helping to balance the business world, and that through women it is possible to make this arid world increasingly more humane. Ana Victoria believes in the power of women and their ability to change the world.