Jorge Sicilia

Head of BBVA Research


Chief Economist of BBVA Group and Director of BBVA Research, Jorge Sicilia leads a global team of economists distributed around Europe, US, Mexico, South America and Asia devoted to economic, financial and regulatory analysis. Prior to joining BBVA, Jorge Sicilia served as Principal Economist in the Monetary Policy Stance Division at the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt, Head of the Department of Economic and Monetary Studies in Argentaria, Head of Economic and Market Analysis at International Financial Analysts (AFI) and Economist in the Economic Studies Department of the Spanish Antitrust Committee. He has given lectures on macroeconomics, financial markets and financial systems at CUNEF and Carlos III Universities in Madrid, as well as at post-graduate institutions, academic and nonacademic conferences, and central banks fora. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Economics from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and a MsC in Economics and Finance from CEMFI.