2022 EduFin Summit

2022 EduFin Summit
29-30 - September, 2022 Madrid and Mexico City


The event will be held in Madrid (Spain) on September 29th and in Mexico City (Mexico) on September 30th. Those interested can attend in person from BBVA locations in Madrid and Mexico City and/or remotely via videoconference.



Inclusion and financial health

Sustainable finance


15:00 (-)

Madrid-Ciudad BBVA

Session Documents

15:00 Register and welcome coffee (60min)
16:00 (15min)


16:15 (45min)

Discovering a new digital financial education

Cryptocurrencies, fintech and cybersecurity

17:00 Coffee break (15min)
17:15 (15min)

A new era of digital money

17:30 (45min)

Digitalization and financial education

A key element for achieving inclusive growth

08:30 (-)

Mexico City-Torre BBVA

Session Documents

08:30 Register & Welcome coffee (30min)
09:00 (20min)


09:30 (45min )

How financial capabilities can be an enabler of digital financial inclusion

10:15 (45min)

The data revolution at the service of financial capabilities

11:00 Coffe break (15min)
11:15 (45min)

The role of financial education in mobilizing capital towards sustainable finance

12:00 (15min)

Closing remarks

13:00 Private Advisory Board lunch (by invitation only) (75min)

Contact person

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