2022 EduFin Summit

2022 EduFin Summit
29-30 - September, 2022 Madrid and Mexico City


The event will be held in Madrid (Spain) on September 29th and in Mexico City (Mexico) on September 30th. Those interested can attend in person from BBVA locations in Madrid and Mexico City and/or remotely via videoconference.



Inclusion and financial health

Sustainable finance

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15:00 (-)

Madrid-Ciudad BBVA

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15:00 Register and welcome coffee (60min)
16:00 (15min)


Keynote speakers: Carlos Torres Vila Mairead McGuinness

16:15 (45min)

The value of financial education in the digital financial environment

New financial assets such as cryptocurrencies, new digital channels and social networks pose challenges in relation to trust, security or fraud prevention. If we use this moment well, we have the opportunity to inspire a new digital financial education.

Moderator: Ana Rubio

Keynote speakers: Alejandra Kindelán Alejandro Beltrán Margarita Delgado

17:00 Coffee break (15min)
17:15 (15min)

The trend of fininfluencers

The new digital financial practices have become relevant and have attracted the interest of a new sector of the young population thanks to the figure of the "fininfluencers".

Keynote speakers: Manuel Ángel Méndez

17:30 (45min)

Inclusive growth as a cornerstone of sustainable development

Promoting universal financial inclusion and improving people's financial health are key elements for inclusive growth

Moderator: Toni Ballabriga

Keynote speakers: Laura Diaz Mercedes Canalda Stefan van Woelderen

08:30 (-)

Mexico City-Torre BBVA

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08:30 Register & Welcome coffee (30min)
09:00 (20min)


Keynote speakers: Eduardo Osuna Mauricio Pallares Óscar Rosado

09:30 (45min )

The challenges of financial inclusion

TThe World Bank's Global Findex database is the source of data on global access to financial services and identifies the main challenges of financial inclusion. These include emphasizing women's access and promoting the digitization of payments.

Moderator: Hugo Nájera

Keynote speakers: Ana Victoria García Dorothe Singer Mayada El-Zoghbi

10:15 (45min)

The data revolution at the service of financial capabilities

Data analytics, artificial intelligence or automatic learning have a key role to play in supporting financial capabilities by creating products and services that help consumers improve their financial health and build resilience to financial crises.

Moderator: Carlos Serrano

Keynote speakers: Luz Gómez Raúl Nava Salazar

11:00 Coffe break (15min)
11:15 (45min)

The role of financial education in mobilizing capital towards sustainable finance

Financial education can act as a facilitator in raising societal awareness about the urgency of climate change and favor knowledge acquisition needed to integrate sustainability into our personal financial decisions, being part of the change through access to sustainable finance.

Moderator: Lidia del Pozo

Keynote speakers: José Luis Ortega Pasquale Munafò

12:00 (15min)

Closing remarks

Keynote speakers: Javier Rodríguez Soler

13:00 Private Advisory Board lunch (by invitation only) (75min)

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