2019 EduFin Summit

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Welcome to the Annual Event of The Center for Financial Education and Capability where global experts will gather to discuss about the importance of financial knowledge and capability in people's wellbeing. A two-day event to learn about the last developments and innovations on the field.


Digital transformation

Financial Health

Financial Capabilities


08:30 (60min)

Registration & Welcome Coffee

09:30 (15min)

Welcome Speech

Keynote speakers: Javier Rodríguez Soler

Videos of the session

09:45 (30min)

Digitization and financial health

Keynote speakers: Flore-Anne Messy

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10:15 (45min)

Financial education for everyone: how to avoid noninclusive digitization

Moderator: David Tuesta

Keynote speakers: Fernando Tejada Rolando Arellano Verónica López Sabater

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11:30 Café (30min)
12:00 (75min)

The world map of digital financial education

Moderator: Liliana Pozzo

Keynote speakers: Raymond Frenken Silvia Singer Wang Wei

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13:15 Lunch (105min)
15:00 (75min)

Financial skills for this new age: from the abacus to the chatbot

Moderator: José María López Jiménez

Keynote speakers: Blanca Narváez Vega de Seoane Maria Demertzis Ryan Swift

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16:15 (90min)

Great little stories: screens that create opportunities

Keynote speakers: Ana María Hernández Moratilla Fabián Goldberg Guillermo Jr. Cárdenas Luz Martín Manjón

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20:00 Advisory Council Private dinner (by invitation only) (120min)
08:30 Registration and welcome coffee (60min)
09:30 (45min)
10:15 (75min)

Data, Cookies, Robots: a matter of trust for financial services

Moderator: Antoni Ballabriga

Keynote speakers: Diana Mejía Helen Gibbons José María Roldan

Videos of the session

11:30 Café (30min)
12:00 (30min)

From contactless to artificial intelligence: the path to financial well-being

Keynote speakers: Helena Koning

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12:30 (75min)

Technology as the driver to improve people’s financial health

Moderator: Darren Easton

Keynote speakers: Bart de Langhe Dagmar Van der Plas Hania Farhan

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13:45 (15min)

Conclusions and closing speech

Keynote speakers: Javier Rodríguez Soler

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14:00 Lunch (45min)